Jjong’s “Where are you Jinki?” 
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jongyu. jonghyun. onew. shinee. lol.
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anime. arcana famiglia. cat. cats. gif. la storia della arcana famiglia. lol. yeah... cat. felicita.
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Naruto Shippuden. naruto shippuuden. deidara. tsuchikage. anime. lol. bye. naruto. akatsuki.

The Beginning

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will catch up with this anime... maybe later. lol. haven't even finished the first episode completely.
i’ve lost the motivation


for practically everything. Every task seems unbearably exasperating.  Every word listened to seems irrelevant and flat. Every conversation seems forced and irritating. I’m tired and weak all of a sudden. I couldn’t even tell you what was the matter. I just want to do the things that make me happy, and sometimes I can’t even tell what that is.

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lol. this is what i've been feeling for the last weeks and i didn't know how to put how miserable my feeling was in words. then this post came up. reblogging for the accuracy. 500th post.
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this shall continue. lol.